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Get a $850 Value Security System for free* with the purchase of AN Adt security monitoring package.

With $99.00 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and condition to this offer below.

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Safety Tips for Halloween in Canada!

Every October 31st, boys and ghouls across Canada dress up in their scariest best for Halloween. Most kids will dress up during the day to play with their friends at school, but the highlight of the night for most youngsters is going trick or treating at night. Trick or treating can actually come in many forms, but often involves children walking down the streets to collect candy from neighbours. Here are some Halloween tips to keep your children safe every Halloween.

See and Be Seen

With the night comes darkness, which makes it difficult to be seen. This is often magnified on Halloween, where many costumes are designed to be dark. Think about it, if you are dressed up as Dracula, you likely don’t have on a neon, glow in the dark cape. That is why it’s essential you have accents on your clothes that can, in fact, be neon and glow in the dark. If you have on a dark cape, decorate it with reflective tape. If you have a shopping bag, basket or pumpkin in which to collect your candy, add reflective tape on that as well. The more reflective tape, the better! Even with street lights, it can be difficult to see younger children running across the road, as they may not even be at windshield height.

Seeing at night is also incredibly important, which is why it’s also necessary to have extra light when possible. Carrying a spooky glowing lamp or a flashlight can really help brighten up your child’s costume. Masks can be a lot of fun to wear on Halloween, and many costumes features amazing masks that your kids will remember for years to come. The problem is that masks can lead to poor vision, and can sometimes even completely restrict peripheral vision. If necessary, cut the eyeholes on masks larger than intended to help your child see better. And when possible, ditch the mask altogether. A non-masked look or a costumer using makeup can be just as scary, and can also help your child see better, and stay safer.

Stay Together, With an Adult Nearby

Kids love to trick or treat, and most children have their first experience doing so with their parents walking them right up to the door of every neighbour on the block. As kids get a bit older, they may feel a bit more brave and want their child a few steps behind. While giving your child freedom is important, keeping your child in your line of sight at all times is essential. It’s also important to try and plan a group outing for your kid if at all possible. Getting several children together to go up the street provides several advantages. First, it makes them much more visible, as drivers can more easily see large groups than one small child, and if each child is wearing reflective tape, a group would be very hard to miss. Second, going in a group also allows kids to avoid stranger danger. Being in a group helps protect your herd of ghosts from any monsters lurking that night.

While staying together on the street is important, it’s just as important to stay together, and outside of, every door. Most interactions at the door will start with the child saying, “Trick or treat” and holding open their candy receptacle. The person at the other side of the door will usually oblige. Your child needs to stay outside of the house at all times. If the person on the inside says, “Hey, I have my candy but you have to come get it in here” your child should respond with “happy Halloween” and quickly walk away. They should use similar lines if they are asked to have their picture taken or asked to step inside to see how cute their costume is.

Candy Safety

If your child has picked up candy, the odds are they will want to get home and stuff their faces full right away. The fact is that almost all candy they will get will be safe, but you still need to check it, just to be sure. Any candy that is already opened or looks tampered with should be immediately thrown out. If any candy looks like it could be dangerous, it could be something that needs to be dealt with by the local authorities. And if a candy is homemade, odds are it should also be thrown out.

Halloween should be a fun filled, great night for you and your children. While the night might be filled with fun scares, it should never be filled with real horrors. Make your child’s safety paramount, and build amazing memories at the same time!

If you need security for your home to keep you and your children safe, call Alarm Guard today at 855 979 9224!

Security Systems for Business!

Most people associate alarm systems with their homes, and with good reason. A home security system can help protect your home from burglars and is one of the first investments a homeowner should make when they move in. But the fact is that many people encounter an alarm system at their place of work daily. No matter where you work, you need an alarm system!


Why you need one:
Retail stores have to have a security system in place for a number of reasons. First, most insurance policies on retail stores require you to have a security system in any store, so to keep your insurance up to date, you need to invest. Second, you need to protect your investment, which means you need a home alarm. You need to invest to protect against theft and break ins at night. If your store does not have an alarm system, it’s at risk. You also need to protect your store from shoplifters, as they are a huge financial drain on any business if you don’t have the protection you need.

What equipment you need:

For your business security system for your store, you will definitely need

-A glass break sensor. This is especially important if you have a large storefront window. This will not only keep you protected from theft, but it will also keep you protected from vandalism.

-Security Cameras. These are incredibly important for not only keeping you secure, but also catching thieves. You also need them for their deterrent value. If someone feels they are being watched, they are less likely to steal.

-Front door contact – Ever wonder what that beep is when you enter a corner store? It’s probably their front door sensor letting the shop keeper know somebody has entered the store. This is not only good as security protection, but also lets you know when you have a customer!


When you work in an office, you may feel insulated and protected from the outside world, but you absolutely need business security systems to keep you safe. Commercial security is important for offices!

Why you need one:

If you are in an office, you want to ensure you have control over who comes and goes out of the office. You won’t want a disgruntled former employee or angry customer to trespass when they should not be there. You need to ensure the safety of your people and insure your property!

What equipment you need:

Indoor cameras. Most offices have long narrow hallways, so you want to be able to see around corners. If you have an open concept office, you want to make sure you can see inside and make sure everything is going ok. The added benefit of an indoor camera is that you can check them 24/7 from anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Indoor security cameras are more advanced than they have ever been! And commercial security cameras are also incredibly cost effective and provide amazing peace of mind.

-Motion sensors. While offices can also benefit from a glass break sensor, you also need to make sure you have motion sensors for your business security system. Having a motion sensor means that you can pick up any after hours activity in the office. And if nobody should be in the office that early, you need to make sure you can send out the proper authorities!

-Keypads. You Probably have many people working in your office, which means that many people will need access to either arm or disarm your business security system. That means that you will need a keypad at the main entrance to the office. How will you ever know who armed and disarmed your security system? That’s easy! You have the option of selecting different codes for different employees. That way you will also know who has armed or disarmed your system. The most advanced keypads can even take a picture of whoever armed or disarmed your commercial alarm system!

Optional equipment – Access control. Most businesses don’t absolutely require access control, but it gives you an extra layer of security. This means you can have scan in cards for employees coming and leaving the office. These systems can be customized to your needs.

No matter what type of business you have, you need a business security system. Give our security experts a call today and we’ll talk you through how we can keep you and your business protected!

Call 855 979 9224 today!

Realtors Across Canada Wanted!

Alarm Guard, Canada’s # 1 ADT authorized dealer, is expanding its wildly successful realtor referral program, originally started in the greater Toronto area, across all of Canada and we could not be more excited! Alarm Guard has partnered with our friends in the real estate industry to introduce a program that will help homeowners get full home alarm systems to protect their homes and families. The program is simple:

All homeowners qualify
Whether this is your first home, your dream home or you are downsizing your living space, everyone needs protection from introducers and from disasters such as fire. That is why Alarm Guard is offering our trusted real estate partners the opportunity to provide free home alarm systems for every one of their clients.

The biggest name in home security
Alarm Guard is proud to offer the best in quality, service and equipment. And we are backed by ADT, the #1 name in home security in the world. Your customers will receive the very best in their new home alarm system and the best monitoring available. On top of that, we can meet any technological need they have. If your client wants, we can even help them move into a fully equipped smart home!

Everyone wins!
Our real estate program provides unbeatable value, with a more extensive home alarm package free of charge for your clients. We even include a free monitored smoke detector with monitoring, in addition to $850 in free home alarm equipment.

And we also offer a great referral bonus to all of our partners, so realtors can enjoy an added benefit of helping out the families moving into the new home.

We take care of everything.
Finding the right home for your client can be stressful, taxing and time consuming. Finding the right security system will not be. Realtors who partner with Alarm Guard will receive all of the great benefits of joining forces with the #1 ADT dealer in Canada. That includes full support from our security experts, in house technicians, technical support and customer service teams. All you have to do is provide your customer with our phone # 1 855 290 0460, and our security experts will take care of the rest. We can provide your clients with a fast, free security assessment, schedule the technician and have a full installation completed as early as the next business day. And we pay out a referral bonus to you for absolutely every customer who gets a system installed. All you have to do is wait for the payment to come your way!

Joining our realtor referral program is simple. Just call 1 855 290 0460 and we’ll talk you through the whole process.

Have a whole office of agents looking to sign up? We offer special payouts and referrals for every new agent brought on board!

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Choose from a range of cameras and sensors that help you keep an eye on what matters most. Shift between views, watch live or recorded clips and get alerts for unusual activity.



Let in repairmen you trust from the office or close up after the kids leave in the morning. When you lock your home with just one tap, you control who gets in to your home and when.



With our smart thermostat controller connected to your home, you never have to get up to cool down. Adjust your home's temperature from your smartphone or tablet, or put in on a schedule that fits your life.

Now, ADT Pulse works with the Nest Learning Thermostat so you can control your home's temperature via the ADT Pulse mobile app.

Get a Nest Learning Thermostat Installed at no cost* with ADT Pulse®. A $249 value.



Turn lights on and off remotely, indoors and outdoors. Put your lights on a schedule so it seems like you're home even when you're out. You can even set your lights to turn on automatically if your system detects a trespasser.



Control your lights, locks and security using just your voice. The ADT Pulse® app has biometric voice recognition that responds only to you. It's just one more way we give you control at home, no matter where you are.

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