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How to Arm an Alarm System…

How to Arm an Alarm System (and other useful security tips)

Buying a home will likely be the largest single investment you ever make in your life, as we have covered before, and should be protected with a home security system. The benefits of a home security system are manifold, and you need to get one right away no matter where you live (in fact, you can get our FREE home security package now, with free next day install in most of the country, by calling 855 979 9224 ext 2 before reading on). If you have a home security system now, the next step is to really learn how to use it.

Arming Your Alarm System
When you have a home security system, the most basic, and perhaps important, part of that is arming your alarm system. Simply having an ADT system is great; after all, bad guys don’t want to get caught. But you really need to arm your alarm system in case something bad happens. When Alarm Guard installs a home security system in your home, you have great options which allow you to arm the system from inside your home. Every alarm system comes with a keypad, and that keypad gives you two separate arming options. The first option is to arm the system in stay mode. This is usually denoted with an icon of a person standing inside of a house. This mode means that you can arm all the doors, and leave your motion sensor off. There is also the option to arm your system in away mode, which is usually denoted with an empty house. This means that all equipment, including all doors and windows, are armed.

While those are the traditional options to arm and disarm a home security system, new options exist, and are perfect for people first starting to use a new alarm system as well as those who have had a home security system for years. The first option is arming your system from a key fob. With a key fob, you can arm your home security system in stay or away mode, just like you would do from a keypad. The great thing with a key fob is that you have the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system from virtually anywhere in your home!

Another innovation in arming your security system is the ability to arm your system with an app. Arming your home alarm system with an app is as easy as pressing a button on your smart phone. This is perfect for those starting to use their home security system, as it allows you to check if you forgot to arm your system while you are away from home, and then arm it remotely. You also have full access to arm the system from a tablet, laptop or desktop!

Disarming Your Alarm System
Your home security system is armed, but now you need to be able to disarm the alarm system so you can freely come and go. When your system is armed in stay mode, you can easily disarm the system from within your home from the keypad, key fob or the app. In the case of disarming the system from your keypad, you need to enter your (usually) 4 digit code to disarm everything.

There are some other considerations to make when disarming your alarm system. Do you need a long entry delay? When you come through your main entry door, you’ll usually have 45 seconds to disarm your system before the siren goes off. You do have the ability to alter that time slightly if you have the need for it. You also have the ability to arm your alarm system from the app, and you can give access to family members to do the same. This means that if you have someone visiting from out of town, you can grant them temporary access to disarm your alarm system. You can also grant permanent access to family members living at home.

Panic Buttons, Standard
Your alarm system has a built-in panic feature, which allows you to set off your alarm system directly from a keypad or your key fob. The panic button is for emergency use only, but can be a life saver if you ever need to use it. If you hold down the panic button on the keypad or the key fob for a few seconds, your alarm system’s siren will go off and you will get contacted by the best monitoring stations in the country to make sure everything is ok. This can also lead to an immediate dispatch of the police. Panic signals are ideal in cases of things like a home invasion where time could mean the difference between safety and harm.

You have a home alarm system in your home, which is essential, so now make sure that you use it!

If you don’t have your home security system yet, call Alarm Guard for a new, free installation at 855 979 9224 today!

New Year’s Safety Resolutions in Canada

New Year’s Safety Resolutions

It’s a new year, and it’s time to start thinking about all of the things in life we’d like to change. Some people like to focus on the health, which is a reason that gym membership signups always spike in January. Other people like to focus on financial goals, like saving more money throughout the year. Whatever your goals are for the new year, one common theme with resolutions is to improve specific aspects of your life, to make it better for the future. One aspect often overlooked aspect of a great future when it comes to New Year’s resolutions is security for you, your family and your home. Having a safe, secure home should be a focus for the new year, and as an added bonus, it can also help your financial outlook!

Get a Home Security System for safety

Having a home security system is an absolute essential for the new year. If you don’t have a home alarm system currently installed, you’re putting yourself at risk, because you never know when you can be victimized by a burglar. Think about it, if you’re a bad guy and you see two homes, one with a great security system and one without, which one would you choose to target? You are far less likely to be the victim of a break in when you have a great security system.

A home security system also provides life saving benefits. By law, most places in Canada require you to have at least one smoke detector per floor. Smoke detectors work great to get you out of your home when you are there, but what about protecting your home when you are away? A monitored smoke detector as part of a home alarm system means that if a fire breaks out when you are not home, the fire department can still be dispatched to help save your belongings. It can also help you when it comes to saving any pets in your home, as they may not be able to escape during a fire.

Life safety products can also save you from carbon monoxide poisoning. The average home has at least one carbon monoxide detector, which helps to get you out of the home if you have a leak of the dangerous, odourless gas. Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector as part of a home security system can also get help to your home if your loved ones can’t hear the siren going off.

Get a Home Automation System to Save Money

While the life safety aspect can help you have a great new year, getting a home automation system can also help your financial outlook for the new year. Did you know that home insurance companies love home automation systems? The reason why is simple: Reducing the risk of fire, carbon monoxide and break ins keeps your home safer, and easier to insure. That means that home insurance companies will offer you a discount for having a home automation system. You can save up to 20% off your homeowners’ insurance!

You will not only save on your insurance, however. Having a home security system also means that you can save on your escalating hydro bills. Having a home automation system means that you can get full control of your home’s temperature and lighting from anywhere in the world. If you are away from home, you can lower your home’s temperature right from your smartphone. This means that your home’s heating or cooling costs can be significantly reduced, just by having a smart thermostat as part of your smart home security system. You can also turn off lights automatically directly from a smart home app, and that can save you hundreds of dollars per year!

The new year is here and it’s time to focus on making 2018 the best year possible. Focusing on health is a great decision. Eating healthy and exercising will ensure a great year. Focusing on finances is another great choice. Having financial stability will also ensure a great year. If you want to stay safe and make a great financial decision, call Alarm Guard today. Our security experts can help you find exactly what you need to keep your resolutions on track this year. Call 855 979 9224 today!

Safe Holidays are the Best Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us! Every year, families gather together to make each other smile and to ring in the new year. No matter what you celebrate, the best holiday you can experience is a safe one for you and your loved ones. Since bad people don’t take a break during the holiday season, here are some holiday safety tips.

Keep Your Presents Out of Sight
The scene is all too familiar to holiday shoppers. You’re in a mall parking lot, and everything is absolute chaos! You have places to be, meals to prepare and all you want to do is get all of your shopping done. Your mind is a little fried so you’re not thinking straight, and you leave your child’s new video game console, the one they have behaved well all year to get, clearly visible in the front seat of the car while you run in to get a few things. By the time you come back, the system is taken quicker than Bowser can kidnap Peach.

How to Stay Safe
The fact is that the holidays are a prime time for gift theft, and the car is one of the most vulnerable spots. In order to keep your holiday presents safe, the first key is to get them out of sight. If you have a car, keep all presents in the trunk as soon as you purchase them. Out of sight is out of mind, and keeping your presents out of sight will keep them safer. If you have an SUV or other vehicle where they can’t be as fully concealed, use a blanket to cover them up when possible. If you want to avoid your presents being taken, you can always drive them back home and unload and wrap them right away whenever that is practical.

Keep Your Children Warm and Cats Inside
Kids love to play during the holidays, a time where they are off school and free to make snow men and snow women and dive into the snow to make snow angels. Keeping kids safe in the snow means keeping them warm.

How to Stay Safe
Ensure your kids have full snowsuits when they are out in the snow. This includes pants and jackets which are water resistant, and boots that are insulated. Your child should also have a warm hat in which to play and a cup of hot cocoa to warm them when they come indoors. Keeping safe and warm also applies to fur babies! If you have an outdoor cat, make sure they have the ability to come inside when the weather gets really bad. You must also be careful when leaving your home. Cats sometimes seek shelter in the wheel well of cars, so make sure you check your vehicle before you pull out of the driveway.

Keep Your Alarm System Armed Home or Away
Your home is more likely to be targeted during the holidays than most other times of the year. That is because thieves are opportunistic, and want to take advantage of empty homes. Odds are you are reading this blog because you already have a home alarm system set up. If you have a home security system, the most important thing to remember is to use it!

How to Stay Safe
If you go away at any point during the holidays, no matter for how long or how far away, arm your alarm system! When your alarm system is armed, you have a direct connection to help, which will get the authorities to your home and scare away the bad guys. If you are at home, arm your system in stay mode! Most break ins happen when nobody is home, but sometimes a bad guy will think nobody is home, or be bold enough to break in anyways. If you have a home security system, keep it armed at all times, and keep a key fob handy if you have one and need to send a panic signal. Additional security features can also help keep you safe whether you are home or away, including door locks which can be checked and locked from anywhere in the world and doorbell cameras which will help protect the front of your home and make the bad guys think you are still around.

If you need help protecting your home this holiday season, call Alarm Guard! 1 855 979 9224.

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