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Heat Wave! What you Need to…

Summer is in full swing and cities around the country are experiencing intense heatwaves. The high temperatures and stifling humidity are making outdoor activities nearly unbearable. For some, the only way to cool down is to jump into a refreshing pool or lake. While swimming is a favorite pastime for many, it does come with some inherent dangers. Unsupervised kids and those without adequate swimming knowledge are at risk of drowning. In fact, this is one of the leading causes of death for toddlers. Despite increased awareness and restrictions, these threats continue.

In Ontario alone, there have been 43 drownings in 2019 so far. Sadly, there are hundreds of victims each year – a number of them young children. Unlike it’s portrayed in movies and TV, when someone is struggling to keep afloat, it’s often silent and difficult to detect. It can also happen very quickly and without warning. Unsupervised children can easily fall into an unfenced pool if no one is watching. Likewise, youngsters at a beach can go missing in the blink of an eye. It’s important to note that children – or indeed any person – can drown in even shallow water. One of the only surefire ways to prevent these accidents is to ensure anyone lacking in swimming skills is wearing a lifejacket. Even popular pool toys that float are no substitute for these devices, which have three points for fastening.

This is especially important when a nearby parent or babysitter cannot swim. Several guardians have been killed this summer trying to rescue others who were in danger.

In fact, most victims each year are adults. Even those who consider themselves strong swimmers have been caught in boating or car accidents. Faced with an unexpected scenario, many are understandably prone to panic. This can quickly lead to a fatality. Additionally, those relaxing on a sailboat or canoe may not consider themselves at any risk. However, authorities have found that most boat-related drownings could have been prevented if the passengers had been wearing a life jacket.

Even in backyard swimming pools, adults are not immune to danger. Those who own a pool should be particularly cautious as they must be responsible for all guests, as well as their own family. Some areas require in-ground pools to have a surrounding fence or pool cover when not in use. Devices such as pool alarms are also a helpful new tool. They are designed to sound a loud alarm, should anyone fall into the pool when it is not actively in use.

Consider that even during an Olympic swimming competition, with the world’s leading athletes, a number of lifeguards are on active duty. The reason for this is because a pool can be unpredictable. Even a cramp or small medical issue can endanger the best swimmers.

With much of the summer still left to enjoy, taking a few minutes to add safety gear before hitting the pool could save a life.

Sneaker Theft: A Hidden Industry

For most, sneakers are simply the casual shoes that they lace up before heading out the door. They’re often worn down and stained by rain, dirt and perhaps a rogue piece of gum. For a select few though, this style of footwear is more than a piece of clothing – it’s an all-encompassing obsession. For hardcore collectors, spending over $1,000 on a single pair is a small price to pay to own a limited-edition piece. In fact, before a big launch, it’s common to see large crowds and endless lines outside of sporting goods stores. In much the same way collectors of art, watches and memorabilia carefully preserve their goods, a sneaker collector would never dare to wear their beloved shoes outside, especially if they cost a bundle.

The most expensive pair of sneakers launched in 2019 was the Air Jordan IV ‘Michigan’ PE, which was so exclusive it wasn’t even technically for sale. Still, experts estimate the value at just under $5,000. With prices so high, it’s little wonder that there’s often cases of theft surrounding these products.

Earlier this summer, police finally caught up to a burglar who had successfully robbed a luxury shoe warehouse. During his four heists, the crook managed to grab 50 pairs of limited-edition sneakers. It may not sound like much of a haul, but the value exceeded $50,000. Authorities apprehended the man, who was later revealed to be a former employee of the facility.

Because some lines and brands of shoes are produced in small batches, they can be difficult to locate and expensive to purchase at a re-sale. One seasoned collector returned home to find his front door kicked in and his beloved collection stolen. The man had numerous costly shoes valued at about $10,000. The victim believed he was targeted as the neighborhood was typically quiet and the thieves specifically targeted his collection, along with a small number of other valuables.

These crimes also come with serious penalties. Recently, a 15-year-old boy was sentenced to five years in jail, following the robbery of a pair of Nike sneakers. He arranged to meet another boy with a ruse of buying the shoes, then stole them at gunpoint.

One of the biggest shoe heists ever occurred just a few years ago, when a truck with over $1,000,000 worth of luxury sneakers was stolen from a warehouse in Los Angeles. The truck was later recovered completely empty. Oddly, an anonymous tip led to the recovery of most of the goods, but police had no idea who pulled off the daring robbery and who called in the tip.

There was one incident where the possession of a rare and valuable sneaker led to the solving of a crime. An angry bar patron threatened a bouncer and was tracked down by police because he was wearing a highly unusual pair of shoes. Other customers were able to recognize the man’s Anthracite/Club Purple Air Jordan 1 Phats, a bright purple and black high-top sneaker with red details. Police found and arrested the man thanks to his flashy shoes.

To protect your precious collections, call 1-866-282-3331 or visit

2019’s Disturbing Trend: Father-Son Burglary Duos

The year 2019 is only half over but already it’s been a dangerous year for robberies and home burglaries. While doorbell cameras and other video surveillance has become increasingly popular and effective, areas that remain unprotected have seen crime waves ranging from bizarre to frightening. In recent days, one such incident left nearby families alarmed – and bewildered. Thanks to confessions from his young daughter, a man and his older son were finally apprehended after spending years robbing banks along the west coast. While his sister assisted with a few getaway drives, the father-son duo once stole $170,000 from a single location.

The events left the public scratching their heads: how did a family fall into crime together? Turns out, the pairing is so rare. In early July another father was arrested with his lookalike son for a violent robbery. The young man was only 21.

Around the same time, another young son and his dad were being sentenced for attempting to rob an armored car that was collecting cash from an ATM. Though the pair tried to argue their innocence, one of the workers attempted to stop the crime and was killed in the process.

The list of offenses, even just in the past six months, is lengthy. In many cases, the elder parent is already a seasoned criminal and brings in the younger child to assist with smaller duties. A big advantage however, is the nonchalant and innocent appearance of a family. Businesses and individuals rarely suspect such a pairing of crime. As such they may be caught off guard when the duo attempts a robbery.

Unfortunately, the danger is not limited to companies and financial institutions. These groupings have been known to target residential areas as well. A small town was rocked when an inconspicuous pair dressed as policemen targeted a suburban home. The homeowner, fooled by the disguises, readily opened the door. He was knocked out but luckily suffered no lasting injuries. Though disturbing, many residential robberies do begin with a test door knock from a thief and accomplice. Several dress as maintenance workers or other similar disguises.

Because criminal pairs are becoming increasingly inventive and sly, businesses and homeowners must be on higher alert to protect themselves. Doorbell cameras can be handy for verifying an identity prior to opening a door. Many modern systems also come with panic buttons that immediately alert authorities. While most parents with a child are nothing to worry about, it’s always beneficial to be cautious.

To learn more about wireless video surveillance options and other alarm systems, call 1-866-282-3331. You could receive up to $850 of free equipment!

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