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Preventing the Grinch from Stealing Christmas: How Alarm Guard – ADT Could Have Protected Whoville


Dec 12, 2018

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He’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch! The original story of this grumpy green grouch was written over 50 years ago, but the beloved Christmas classic has been adapted for both stage and film numerous times over the years and no holiday season is complete without a repeat viewing. The plot involves an irritable resident of Whoville, a holiday-obsessed town, whose simmering anger over their loud festivities bubbles over until he hatches a conniving plan to stop their celebrations by stealing Christmas. Angry neighbours? Holiday break-ins? Perhaps Dr. Seuss’ story is timeless in more ways than one! The unsuspecting Whoville residents, consumed with holiday cheer, were unprepared for their neighbour the Grinch to burglarize their homes. The poor Whos didn’t know that residential break-ins spike during the holiday season and crafty burglars can snatch everything from drums to plums!

If only Cindy-Lou Who and her family had Alarm Guard – ADT Security Systems, they could have thwarted the Grinch’s efforts and sent him swiftly back to his cave on Mount Crumpet.

Once he concocts his fiendish plan, the Grinch disguises himself and his faithful pooch Max as Santa and a reindeer. The duo roams the town, easily sneaking into homes through small spaces and chimneys. Though real-life bandits would avoid a fireplace entry, door and window sensors protect all entry points of a home and provide instant alerts of any breaches.

The busy nature of the holidays mean both humans and Whos more readily open the door to strangers. Package deliveries, visiting families and singing carolers mean neighbourhoods are suddenly full of unfamiliar faces. Alarm Guard’s video surveillance and security cameras allow you to view your property from anywhere on your smartphone so even disguised as jolly old St. Nick, the Grinch won’t be able to fool you.

At one point during their burglary spree, the cartoon crooks even snatch the logs from a fireplace, determined to steal any remnants of the cozy holiday. While residents outside Whoville are free from that particular threat, fire hazards are a major cause of concern during the season. Alarm guard’s smoke/heat detectors can help protect your home and the most important thing in it – your family.

While sneakily trekking through the neighbourhood, the criminal pair steal objects from every curvy corner of Whoville’s wacky houses. From sloped ceilings to tilted windows, the ransacked homes in the Seuss classic are anything but conventional. Luckily, their zany designs won’t prevent an alarm installation. The homeowners can schedule a free custom home security consultation in less time than it takes to cook a plate of green eggs and ham.

Though the Grinch successfully robs all the people of Whoville, he is surprised to hear joyful singing and celebration in place of angry cries when the town wakes up Christmas morning without their gifts. The once-grouchy neighbour is warmed by their spirit and gleefully returns their presents. Unfortunately, such happy endings are too often limited to film and a real home robbery can be devastating. An alarm system can protect your home from all manner of crooked creatures and grumpy goons.

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