Protecting Your Home Investment in Toronto

A lot has been made recently about home prices in many major Canadian markets, especially Toronto and Vancouver. Housing prices have continued to increase, but there are signs that the market is cooling down. While all of this information is valuable to people speculating on the housing market, one issue is virtually never addressed: how do you protect your investment? Investing in a home, regardless of if its in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal or Vancouver, is usually the single biggest investment and expense in a person’s life. Currently, the average house price in Vancouver and Toronto is over $1 million! While paying the mortgage ensures that you keep possession of your home, how do you actually protect your investment? One of the first and most important things you need to do immediately is to get a home security system installed.

Protecting Your Valuables
When you have a professionally installed ADT home alarm system, such as the type that Alarm Guard provides, you are statistically far less likely to be broken into. Why is that the case? It comes down to many factors, including deterrent value. Customers know that ADT home security systems are all monitored, and they provide the most reliable monitoring on the market. That matters because the one thing thieves all have in common is that they don’t want to get caught. Breaking into a home with an ADT system is too great of a risk, which means that the bad guys will find an unmonitored home to attack. You work hard for your money and your valuables, and having to replace them can be costly and time consuming. Thieves and insurance companies also don’t account for sentimental value, and there are some things you want to protect because they are irreplaceable.

Protect From the Elements
One of the most devastating losses a person can go through is losing their home to a fire. Even more devastating is losing a member of the family in a tragic blaze. That is one of the reasons it is mandatory to have functioning smoke detectors in every Toronto home. What is not mandatory but should be is to have a monitored smoke detector in every home. Monitored smoke detectors act similarly to regular smoke detectors, in that they are designed to be very loud and to wake up any inhabitants of a home while they are there. The key to monitored smoke detectors is that they also act as a link between a home and a fire department. If you have a monitored smoke detector, a signal can reach the fire department even if nobody is home, which can provide you a faster response and protect your property. It can also save the lives of children or pets who may not be able to contact the fire department on their own.

Get Insurance, Lower the Costs
Having a monitored alarm system is clearly effective based on the ability to prevent break ins and protect from fires, but the tangible proof of how effective they are is in the home insurance discounts offered. If you live in a home, you need insurance, but insurance companies are not known for randomly offering discounts. Having a home security system is so effective that insurance companies will offer you up to a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance. Insurance is vital in protecting your investment in case the unimaginable happen. And most new mortgages require active home insurance, making it mandatory for most people living in Toronto, Vancouver or anywhere in between. Save money and save your home with an ADT alarm system from Alarm Guard.

You need a home security system. Alarm Guard has been protecting families across Canada for over 14 years, and we want to help keep you, your family and your investment safe. Call 855 979 9224 ext 2 to speak with a security expert and get your free, no obligation quote. Most homes in Toronto can be installed next day with an absolutely free home alarm system. We’re here to help!

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