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Sep 13, 2019

1 Comment is trusted by millions of people to protect their homes and businesses. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they work relentlessly every day to earn that trust. With constant new products and features added to their platform on a regular basis, they have become the premier security app provider.

They are the leader in Smart Home Security, giving amazing solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home. This basically means that they are the platform (smart app) that allows the customer to connect to their security system for so many reasons. Here are a few as follows:

  • Interactive Security (Arming/disarming etc)
  • Video Monitoring (Wifi cameras, Doorbell cameras)
  • Access Control (Commercial door access)
  • Energy Management
  • Automation (Door locks, lights, thermostat etc)
  • Wellness
  • Apps (Residential and Commercial

What Does interactive Security Mean?

You guessed it, interactive security means that you have total control of your security system anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection (data) with your smartphone. Some of the features would include the ability to monitor, send and receive commands, set up notifications, and even create scenes and rules.

How Is This Made Possible?

This is made possible through a sim card built right into the security panel or keypad. offers a variety of carriers for communication such as AT&T, Bell, and Rogers. These are proprietary GSM units made specifically for and in most cases built right into the keypad of your security system from the manufacturer.

Can Anyone Purchase & Activate equipment ?

No, can only be purchased through an authorized dealer partner. Most reputable security companies are accepted as a dealer and are authorized to use and service their equipment and platform. A customer cannot go onto and purchase or set up their own system. You may find equipment for sale on Amazon or local marketplace individually but beware as they may be used and locked which means rendered useless unless you are a dealer and have the ability to unlock and service it.

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