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Behind the Scenes with Alarm Guard’s Technical Manager


Nov 07, 2018

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Glen Campbell started as a technician 5 years ago at Alarm Guard Security, servicing both, residential and commercial security systems in Toronto, Ontario. After displaying all the essential qualities that Alarm Guard represents, Glen was promoted as the new Technical Manager at Alarm Guard.

Today, Glen is giving us a glimpse of what it’s like working for Canada’s No.1 ADT Authorised Dealer.

Starting the day with a Pow-Wow

Alarm Guard has 10 home and commercial alarm technicians in the Toronto area, all of them are assigned their first job of the day when they come in to work. So my day starts with planning the routes and finding the most efficient ways to get all the jobs done professionally and on time.

In our meeting we also discuss workflow problems if any, we talk about the successes we had the day before and find ways to enhance the customer experience and ensure each customer gets the attention they deserve! This brainstorming session is what we call our daily Pow-Wow.

What happens on site

Before we even get to unboxing the equipment, all technicians are trained to do a pre-inspection to see if we have everything the customer placed an order for. After the pre-inspection, we conduct a thorough security assessment. Even though our security experts do a great job recommending exactly the right solutions a customer needs, over the phone, small details like an extra entry door or window might not be accounted for, and we make sure that every aspect of the home is secured. After all, it’s about our customer’s security and we take things very seriously.

Now, we can go ahead and start installing the security system, once all the equipment is installed and everything is working like it’s supposed to, we give our customers a full walk-through and teach them everything they need to know about their home or commercial security system!

What’s the most important part of the job?

Communication. Without good communication, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy our customer or make them feel secure. During the installation process we have to make sure that the customer truly understands how our system helps secure their home.

The equipment alone is not enough to make you feel secure, people need to believe in the system and the quality of the service we provide, and it’s our job to make sure the customers feels safe.

Communication also helps us understand and address our customer’s needs, if we’re not communicating with our customers we’re not giving them the quality service we are promising.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part has to be the fact that every job is different.

Even though I’m the technical manager, I’m heavily involved in the field and personally go into homes to install security systems. I love how every home and every customer is different, it’s not mundane or repetitive, some people need indoor cameras, some need outdoors, might seem small to others, but for us things like that change everything.

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