Watch out! These Businesses are Most Likely to be Robbed


Apr 30, 2019

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When someone says burglary, most think of a home robbery. Afterall, having a person’s house broken into is traumatic and personal. A family can lose irreplaceable items, suffer property damage and are generally left feeling unsettled. Though it’s less commonly discussed,businesses are frequent victims of break-ins and robbery too. Although it’s not their residence, a store, restaurant or other commercial site is deeply personal to the owner. The property can be a fulfillment of a lifelong dream and their only source of income. Depending on their insurance, after such an incident, the funds provided may not cover all the necessary expenses. For example, while a policy may replace stolen items, it is unlikely to provide additional cash to install a surveillance system and other safety measures. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in a commercial alarm prior to a crime. Of course, some types of businesses are more prone than others to become targets. If you operate one of the following operations, take extra precautions:

Jewellery stores – Most shops have a glittering array of display cases full of valuable watches, rings and earrings. Although they are usually secured behind glass, the lure of these pricey trinkets makes locations like these alluring for thieves. After all, even snagging a handful of merchandise could result in a $1,000+ payout. After hours, most easily accessible pieces are secured away behind counters or in back rooms. These locations make it more difficult to snag valuables. It is for this reason that many of these boutiques are robbed during daylight hours. Armed perpetrators can easily scare clerks into forking over expensive items.

Convenience Stores – 24-hour variety stops are a perfect storm of contributing factors. These businesses are typically located just off a major highway or main street, making them easy to reach – and flee. Because they are usually the sole operation open late into the night, a perpetrator can enter without fear of other patrons or nearby witnesses.

Bars – At the end of a long night, the area surrounding a bar or nightclub is a ghost town. Any nearby businesses are long shut and only a few staff members are clearing up, eager to head home. This is also the time where cash registers will be tallied and money compiled for the morning’s bank deposit. This means a relatively quiet location is sitting on a huge amount of cash. Though many such businesses employ security guards, bold or reckless criminals can take their chances in an effort to make off with the evening’s total.

Gas Stations – It’s not uncommon to pop into a gas station these days and see a clerk surrounded by a protective glass wall. Stick-ups and violent robberies were becoming so common that several organizations felt compelled to take extreme measures to protect their workers. Much like convenience stores, the small shops connected to gas pumps are cash-heavy businesses and often located in isolated areas.

Liquor stores – Aside from just cash, thieves target these establishments for their valuable alcohol, which can be easily re-sold or consumed. Some shops also stock cigarettes, which are a popular product to steal.

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