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Sep 10, 2019

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When it comes to security for your family there are necessary steps that need to be taken inside and outside the home.  Let’s take an in-depth look at what security means when it comes to your family safety.

First, you need to make a plan… The plan should include the following elements and aspects surrounding your family members.

Protecting your children from unexpected threats outside the home should be the most important priority any family should ever make. Let’s face it, there is an age where our children start walking to school on their own or walking to the store, etc. Some households this age can vary drastically, looking back in my childhood I remember walking over 2kms to school by myself at the age of 8. As ridiculous as this may sound in today’s world, even back in the day my family never had a plan in the event of an emergency or threat.

What’s The Plan? The plan is to educate and arm our children with power and knowledge and take the guesswork out of threats.

What Is A Threat? A threat can be someone or something that can harm someone else through manipulation or dangerous actions. Some of the threats can include kidnapping, harassment (sexually or not), drugs, alcohol and more..

Can We Eliminate Threats? Keep in mind that no matter what kind of plan or security measures that are taken, it is impossible to guarantee complete protection. But with the right amount of preparation and plan, it is possible to give peace of mind with proper safety measures.

Secret Password !! Every family should have a secret password that can be used in precautionary measures. This means that if someone attempts to contact or approach your child outside the norm of school, a summer camp or home and for example request that they jump into a vehicle due to an emergency (your parents are at the hospital and you need to get in my car now) unless they know the secret password they are not to be trusted or entertained. Even if the unknown person does know the password extra measures should be taken to ensure they speak with a family member before making any decision. This applies to anybody even if they appear to have the power of authority.

Knowledge is power… This is absolutely true and the more our children are aware of the real world the better prepared they will be to take action or correctly react to threatening situations. As great as our educational system is we cannot rely on them alone to educate and prepare our children for the worse.

Plan To Educate & Communicate… Create a plan of action with your children and continue to keep the communication open as frequent as possible. Every stage of their life will require someone to step up and help them through the uncertainties and unknowns that might be headed their way. A prepared person is less likely to be taken advantage of than someone who is unaware or uncertain. Arming your family is necessary if you have an alarm system wouldn’t you use it?

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