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4 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe This Christmas!


Nov 27, 2018

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Christmas is almost here, a great season to spend time with friends, family and loved ones! From shopping for the perfect gifts to decorating your home there’s a lot to keep you busy,especially if you also have plans to travel this holiday season. While you’re busy celebrating, there are some people who are busy planning the perfect break in. We’re not talking about Santa or the Grinch. We’re talking about burglars!

During every holiday season, there’s actually a rise in burglaries, mostly because criminals know about your shopping sprees and that 65” TV you bought on Black Friday! They’re looking for the shiniest objects in the most vulnerable homes. Here are some tips to help you protect your home, so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones.

Hide your gifts!

Christmas and gifts under the tree go hand in hand. So it should be no surprise burglars are looking for homes with big Christmas trees and a whole bunch of gifts under it. While it’s fun showing off your decorations from your window, you’re making it hard for burglars to resist burglarizing your home.

Make sure your blinds are closed, all your gifts are well hidden and out of sight.

Social Media Makes You Vulnerable

The first thing burglars do when looking for their next target is check social media to see where you work and live, or if you’re on a vacation somewhere far away. Keeping holiday vacation plans private is an important part of keeping your home safe while you’re away. The more information you share, the more likely that information is going to fall into the wrong hands. Also refrain from posting about your expensive new gifts you purchased or received.

Burglars Aren’t The Only Threat

With a rise in burglaries, there a rise in house fires as well. All those lights, candles, decorations and the tree are highly flammable. So, don’t block exits with decorations or furniture, don’t use old or damaged cords or lights and most importantly, don’t overload electrical outlets. A fire is the last thing you need during the holiday season. Make sure your smoke alarms are still active and invest in one if you don’t already have it. We’re giving away a free smoke detectors for new sign ups!

Get Total Home Protection

Lastly, make sure your home is secure during the holiday season. With Alarm Guard – ADT’s Smart Home Security Systems, you can get total protection from burglars, fires and all other threats to keep your home and your family safe all year round. Our state of the art equipment and monitoring is great, but what really sets us apart is our experience and focus on one home security for over 140 years! Call us today at 1-844-299-3753.


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