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As Canada’s #1 authorized ADT Dealer, Alarm Guard has protected thousands of families across Canada.  Helping keep people safe is our passion, and it’s also the reason our slogan is “Protecting Families Across Canada.” With offices across the country, we can truly help you find a home security system almost anywhere you live in Canada. And with our head office in Toronto, we can even get you a home alarm system by the next business day!  Most people have used an home security system or a commercial security system and security cameras at some point in their lives, but not many people really understand how to keep their homes and their families safe.  That is why Alarm Guard proudly provides high quality ADT Home Alarm Systems.  It’s also why Alarm Guard hires security experts to help you truly keep your home safe.  For easy reference, here are some home security essentials that you will need for any home security system.

Door Contacts
Door Contacts are an essential part of any home safety system; if you have a home alarm system, you need door contacts. A door contact will in two ways.  First, a door contact will put your home alarm system into a delay, which will give you time to disarm the security system when you get home.  A door contact also allows you to arm your home alarm system so that all of your doors are protected at night. This means that when you go to bed, you have an added layer of protection which will help keep you and your family safe. Door contacts are essential, and they come with absolutely every home security system that Alarm Guard installs.

Motion Sensors
A motion sensor (sometimes called a PIR sensor, a motion detector or simply a motion) is also an absolutely essential piece of equipment for any home security system.  A motion sensor works by picking up movement within your home (and to be completely technical, it can work to pick up an infrared signature). The technology on motion sensors has improved so much over the years that they are now pet friendly. This means that a small pet in a home is free to roam around with a pet friendly motion sensor as part of your home security system.

In fact, it’s an essential piece of equipment whether you are looking for a home alarm system or a commercial security system anywhere in Canada.  This means that if you are looking for home security in Vancouver or a home alarm in Toronto, we will include a motion sensor as part of your package!

Every home alarm system that Alarm Guard will install in your home includes a keypad.  A keypad is an essential part of your home alarm system for many reasons.  A keypad is obviously essential to arm or disarm your home alarm system or commercial security system.  But a keypad does much more than that!  A keypad will usually include a very loud siren housed within the keypad, which will scare the bad guys out of your home!  Your keypad can also serve as a direct connection between your home and world class ADT security monitoring. This means that the absolute best in the industry will be protecting your home 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

Every home security system absolutely needs monitoring.  Monitoring means that a staff of emergency response professionals will be keeping a close watch on your home whether you are at home or away from home.  A home alarm system needs monitoring because it’s the difference between getting the authorities dispatched to your home or simply having a siren go off with nobody coming to make sure that your home is safe.  Think about it, if you have a home alarm system without monitoring, there’s no way to verify if a bad guy is still in your home when you get there.  Alarm Guard uses ADT alarm monitoring, which means that you will always have the absolute best monitoring in the industry.  We are passionate about keeping Canadians safe.  Whether you live in our home base and are looking for a security system in Toronto, or if you want a home alarm in Vancouver, Alarm Guard has you covered.  We are protecting families across Canada!

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