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Sep 29, 2010

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Many homeowners devote significant time and expenses to ensuring that the doors to their houses are as secure as possible, but overlook the most vulnerable entrance point into their homes: the windows.  In truth, more burglars enter homes through windows than through doors, which they assume will be dead bolted or at least locked.  So how can you make sure that the windows to your home are secure?

The most basic and important security addition to your windows is the sash lock.  These are steel locks that are virtually impossible to break or open from the outside.  Sash locks are available at any hardware store and are easily installed with a drill and screwdriver.

Another simple addition to home security is a steel rod or dowel fitted into the window track.  With a rod like this in place, it is a bit safer to leave your windows open, as thieves cannot slide the window open from the outside.

Sash locks and dowels are good ways to prevent a thief from opening windows to get into your home, but what if the criminal simply breaks a window and climbs in?  There are a couple of simple ways to prevent this from happening.  One way is to invest in glazed windows, which are much more difficult to break.  Another way to ensure your windows remain intact is to install bars to the outside of all windows.  This is a great solution, as it allows you to open your windows without worrying about who can crawl inside through them.

One way to secure the windows to your home that many homeowners overlook is to plant bushes under first floor windows.  Bushes, especially bushes with thorns, are a great deterrent to an intruder, who is looking for the easiest way into and out of your home.  You should plant bushes as thickly as possible, and as close to your home as you can.

The most fool-proof way to secure the windows in your home is to invest in a home security or alarm system.  As part of this system, window sensors will be installed.  These sensors notify your security company the moment a window has been breached.

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