Top Ten Home Security Myths


Sep 17, 2010

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1. I can’t afford a home security system.
With a little research you will soon discover a professional home security system does not have to break the bank- if you choose the right company. In fact, many excellent home security dealers offer many affordable packages and often run special offers to help meet the needs of all type of budgets.

2. I live in a safe neighborhood- I don’t need a security system.
No matter where you live, or what type of home you live in, you most certainly have valuables you want to protect. Even if you live in a comparatively low-crime area and have trusted neighbors, your home’s safety is never a guarantee. Installing a home security system covers all the protection bases in the chance that an unlikely intruder ever tries to break-in.

3. I have a neighbor watch my home when I’m away- That’s enough security.
Even if you are lucky enough to have a trusted neighbor to rely on to keep an eye on your home while you are away, that neighbor still has their own life to attend to. Jobs, family, and other daily distraction mean that your neighbor is not able to watch what goes on around your home all hours of the day. While it is certainly advantageous to have a trusted person watch your home while your on vacation, having a home security system provides the necessary security coverage for protecting your empty home from unwanted visitors.

4. Intruders can easily disable the alarm.
It does happen that intruders are sometimes able to disarm home alarm systems either by cutting the wires or hacking into the wireless system. However, professionally installed home security systems that come with other protection components such as 24-hour monitoring and door and alarm sensors will still be able to detect and alert response personnel about an intruder even if the alarm has been disabled.

5. Hardwiring an old home for a new alarm system is impossible.
Professional home security technicians are trained in hard wiring alarm systems for all types of homes. They know which methods to use to tactfully hide wires and construct a secure system around your home’s original structure.

6. Wireless alarms are unreliable.
This might have been true about the first wireless models. But today’s wireless home security systems use advanced technology that make them a very reliable source of protection. Also, most wireless alarm systems use unique radio signals that are difficult to detect.

7.  Home security systems are too complicated.
Like any new product, home security systems take a little time to learn how to use. But for most home security systems this learning curve is minimal. If you can use a computer or a VCR you can probably easily program a home security system. Plus, professional home security technicians are trained to set up your system for you and teach you how to use it.

8.  I need an aggressive guard dog to protect my home.
While aggressive dog breeds are certainly adept at protecting your home, all dogs provide security to your family. Instinctual dog behaviors such as barking, growling, keen hearing, and alertness make all dogs excellent four-legged alarms. It is important to research which type of dog is best for your family before inventing in a specially trained guard dog.

9.  I have expensive locks on all my doors, so no burglars can get in.
Having secure, complex lock mechanisms on all doors in your home is definitely a good idea, but not enough to stop a determined intruder. With a professionally installed home security system, you will get door and window sensors that use invisible motion or heat detectors to alert you about an intruder before they even lay a hand on a doorknob.

10. I don’t need an alarm- I could take care of an intruder myself.
Whether you are trained in martial arts, are a professional boxer, or are just a tough guy, it is always better to prevent an intrusion than have to confront one. Having a home security system will not only protect your home when you are away, but it will also mean that emergency personnel can be alerted immediately to come handle the situation so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk.

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