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Why You Should Have Your Home Insured || Benefits of Home Insurance


Jun 15, 2018

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Your home is probably the most significant investment you will make, so when it comes to protecting your home, leave no stones unturned! Besides an ADT home security system, you should also make sure you insure your home properly. In case of an emergency, a home security system and home insurance clubbed together could save you a lot of money and damage. Contrary to popular belief, home insurance can also cover your personal belongings.


Here are some reasons to consider having a good home insurance in place.


Go Stress-free

In case of a fire, for example, your home might not be the only one suffering, your loved ones could be hurt too. Having an insurance eliminates this financial stress of your physical belongings and allows you to focus more on your loved ones. You don’t want to worry about how much it’s going to cost to repair your home and so you shouldn’t. You also won’t have to worry about where you’re going to live as the home insurance company not only compensates you for the damage but also provides a temporary place to stay.


Insured Valuables

Home insurance also covers the homeowners personal belongings. If you keep your receipts in a file, you have enough proof to claim your possessions and get compensated from them in case of floods, fires and other natural disasters. They also help you insure specific items in your home like expensive jewellery and antiques.


Secures Your Investment

Buying your home was most probably not easy and took your years of hard work to buy one. Which means you’ve invested a lot of money into it, and selling your house could get you more than what you initially paid for it, but you will only be able to do that if you don’t end up losing your uninsured home. If you lose your home you will also be stuck with a mortgage that without the home that you will be paying for as the destruction of your home doesn’t make your mortgage go away. That’s a level of financial stress nobody wants to deal with.


There are tons of benefits of having your home insured, to top it off, if you have a home security system installed as well with an ADT Authorized Dealer like Alarm Guard Security Services, you can get up to 20% OFF your home insurance premiums, just for showing that your home is protected by the best security company in Canada, Alarm Guard – ADT. You can get your free smart home security quote here


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