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Nov 16, 2010

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While technologically-advanced security features are very effective in protecting your home and property, good locks are essential to protecting your home’s assets. Considering the varying price points, decorating styles, and security needs, window and cabinet locks have been designed to meet many consumer needs. Even if the threat of home burglary seems outlandish, it is always a possibility. Having locks on your windows, and internally on cabinets can prevent your valuables from being stolen, or even discovered. How many times have you had the urge to check out the medicine cabinet of another’s? Well, people do the same in your home too—locks on cabinets can also protect your privacy. Further, children are always curious and rummaging through whatever they can get their hands on. Certain chemicals, medications, and other dangerous substances can be kept secure with the installation of simple locks. Installing locks enhances both you and your family’s security and safety.

Internal locks on cabinets can usually be installed without aid, but depending on your security needs it is beneficial to hire a security professional to evaluate the locks for outside windows. Different options are available and some are more expense than others. The professionals will know which type of lock you will need and how to properly measure the window for accurate fit.

While locks can provide a degree of protection, to be alerted when a window is being breached, a home security system must be installed. An alarm will trigger if the lock is being tampered with and someone is trying to enter the home. That way, the homeowner has time to respond or emergency services can be alerted. The combination of locks and a completely monitored home security system is best way to protect yourself and your home.

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