Elevator Safety

Elevator Safety


Jul 29, 2019

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Tourists and locals alike were enjoying a warm Friday night in Calgary last week when a group of eight decided to watch the sunset from atop a 56-story building in the city’s downtown area. While riding the building’s elevator the group heard a large bang and felt their car make a sudden and unexpected drop. The AC shut off, making the tight space sweltering. They managed to call for help but while firemen were organizing their escape, a second thundering noise was heard and the group plunged further downward. Emergency crews managed to rescue everyone but were puzzled as to the sudden disaster. It turns out, two of the six cables had unexpectedly snapped. Elevators require inspection every two years and the faulty car was maintained less than 12 months prior.

Last summer two Toronto men were trapped in a basement elevator during a storm as flooding rain began seeping in through the cracks. The water levels quickly rose and the two coworkers climbed onto the railings to stay dry. The emergency phone wasn’t working and their below-ground location meant their cell phones were out of range. As the rainwater continued to flood the area, one managed to call 911. The two were rescued with only a few inches of air left.

Though dramatic elevator rescues are rare, the extreme summer temperatures and sudden storms can bring an extra layer of danger. However, a recent report revealed that major dangers are found in home elevators, which are not subject to the same stringent monitoring as commercial pieces. A rising number of families are installing these home versions in order to remain in their houses despite reduced mobility. The trouble is, some older elevators have a space between the door and surface flooring, meaning that children can become injured or trapped. There have been several tragic fatalities from this hazard over the past few years. Though a space guard could prevent these incidents, many homeowners are unaware of the dangers.

Mechanical issues are not the only safety concern for elevators. Earlier this month a shocking video was released from a condo building showing a man following a woman into an elevator in the late evening hours. The man threatened the young resident who was backed into a corner. He grabbed her purse, causing her to fall on the ground. She managed to escape but the police were unable to locate the man. The clip left the public outraged for the woman and alarmed at the brazen act.

Many experts provide tips to avoid a variety of elevator dangers. During bad weather or potential fire, elevators should be avoided and those wishing to travel should take the stairs. If any incident occurs inside an elevator, keeping calm can make a big difference. Modern elevators have multiple layers of safety, meaning they’re designed to ensure that disasters can be avoided. Children should be watched and never allowed to ride an elevator alone.

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Elevator Safety


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