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Got engaged this Christmas? Consider these wedding warnings during your planning


Jan 09, 2019

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First comes love, then comes marriage, the comes…the police?! While the Christmas holidays are the most popular time for engagements, planning the actual wedding is far less joyful. Aside from bossy bridesmaids and domineering mothers-in-law, there are some real hazards to the big day every bride and groom should know.

  • Stolen gifts – Years ago, wedding registrations at departments stores were the norm and theft was highly unlikely as a stranger carting piles of large gift boxes was sure to draw attention from guests. Today, most couples are gifted envelopes of cash, making them easy targets for lurking thieves. Because receptions are crowded with long-lost relatives and unknown dates, even the bride and groom are unlikely to recognize everyone. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common that passersby or venue staff will burgle the unsuspecting couple. Assigning a friend to monitor the gift table and placing it in a visible location away from the exits could save a lot of heartache.

  • Catering nightmare – A decadent meal is a major highlight for any nuptial but feeding hundreds of guests at once is no simple feat. A New York bride and her guests experienced a severe bout of food poisoning – resulting in 22 hospitalizations – at her recent reception. Contaminated mac and cheese was blamed for the incident, which left countless attendees ill. Government health officials recommend asking catering companies for their health certifications and ensuring that food is not left out for extended periods of time.

  • Big day brawls – Though it’s the happiest day of their lives for the newlyweds, the remaining guests are likely tipsy, hungry and irritable throughout the course of a long day. Reception fights over small tiffs can quickly erupt into full-out brawls requiring police intervention. Reputable bartenders will limit alcohol intake and responsible family members can be tasked with breaking up arguments before they escalate. To ensure a fight-free event, consider excluding trouble making relatives.

  • Life-threatening photos – Let’s face it, most wedding pictures are the same pattern of group shots and bridal closeups. With the boom of social media, some couples of are going an extra mile for unforgettable snaps. From cliffside kisses to underwater smiles, the quest to take the perfect picture can become a dangerous stunt. A bride capturing a riverside image was swept away by strong currents and pronounced dead in a small Quebec town. Though chilling to the family, the incident has done nothing to curb the appetite for daredevil photography.
  • Grand entrance – Making a memorable entrance is on the mind of all brides before their big days. However, one woman risked a fiery death to ensure a heart-stopping arrival. A Brazilian bride miraculously walked away without a scratch after her planned arrival via helicopter resulted in a blazing crash.

  • Heat advisory – Outdoor ceremonies are a classic trend but with increasingly hot temperatures these events can become uncomfortable quickly. Leaving guests sweltering in their formalwear for hours in the afternoon heat is a recipe for disaster. Avoid inducing heat stroke and fainting by providing shade and refreshments.

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