Who Is Alarm Guard?

Why Choose Alarm Guard to Protect Your Home? When it comes to protecting your home and family, there are a lot of choices in the market.  But over the past decade, a new leader has quietly emerged in the home security system market in Canada, and that leader is Alarm Guard. Alarm Guard has experienced tremendous growth every year since its inception, but many people are only now becoming familiar with the name.  The question is, why is Alarm Guard experiencing such huge growth now, and why is becoming more of a household name?

Who is Alarm Guard Alarm Guard was founded in 2003 by CEO Mike Chuadhary.  Chaudhary had been involved in security for many years, with experience at ADT, and he was driven by a passion to improve the lives of Canadians. This meant two things to Mike.  He wanted to help Canadians receive the best security for their homes, giving them peace of mind.  He also wanted to create great opportunities to Canadians, and began partnering with dealers across the company to open local offices.  With a head office in Toronto, we can easily service the largest metropolitan area in Canada.  But if you live in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or almost anywhere, we can help you out.  The passion to improve the lives of Canadians is one of the core values Alarm Guard holds so dear.  It’s the reason that Alarm Guard That has been one of the keys to success for Alarm Guard growing so quickly.

Built on Reputation Alarm Guard is the largest authorized ADT dealer in Canada, and currently its only Master Dealer.  How is it that Alarm Guard has grown so quickly, without having aired a single commercial on TV or radio?  The answer is simple: Alarm Guard is built on its impeccable reputation! Alarm Guard has grown mostly on word of mouth from our satisfied customers.  We are the best at what we do in the industry, and we only provide the highest quality of equipment, amazing monitoring and world class customer service.  And with the ADT brand name behind us, you know that when you have Alarm Guard install a system in your home, the bad guys will stay out.

The Best in the Market Some alarm companies try and intrigue customers by offering a lot of equipment at a suspiciously low price.  There is a reason that some of these offers seem too good to be true: It is because they are!  Some companies will use lower quality equipment, but in the event of an emergency, would you really want to trust lower quality equipment?  A national brand was even known for taking back old equipment, refurbishing it, and selling it back to new customers!  Alarm Guard will never do that, because it goes against the philosophy of protecting customers across Canada.  AlarmGuard will only use the highest quality home alarm system equipment on the market.  Alarm Guard is backed by ADT, the number one name in the industry.  There is nobody else you should trust more, and it is this trust that has helped us grow so much.

Unbeatable Value Alarm Guard believes in providing the customers the best, and that includes the best value.  If you call Alarm Guard to protect your home, we can get you an install as soon as the next business day (subject to availability) and all new customers will get a FREE alarm system valued at $850!  Call 866 282 3331 ext 3 today and one of our security experts will help you through every step of the process and help keep you safe!

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