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Which Home Alarm is right for you? Professionally Installed vs DIY Security Systems


Jan 15, 2019

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So, you’ve decided to invest in a home alarm system? Perhaps you were prompted by a string of local burglaries, the lure of discounted home insurance or maybe it’s been on your to-do list for some time. Regardless of the reason, the quest to find the perfect security device can seem intimidating. Aside from the countless options for features, the first basic decision will be to select either the traditional company-installed option or the newer DIY version. While both provide a complete protection package for your house, there are important distinctions that sway users towards their perfect choice.

Professionally Installed: The Classic Choice

This is the most popular option for homeowners seeking property protection. With a vast number of options and services, an alarm representative works with the user to evaluate each unique setup and find the optimal solution. Aside from just security, features such as climate control and smart lighting are also available, expanding the system from older models that covered only one function. After making their selection, the system is professionally installed, allowing the residents to receive hands-on usage instructions and training.

Misconceptions: While this security system is traditional, it’s far from old-fashioned. Smartphone-operated locks and high-quality video recording will make it seem as though you’re protecting a bank vault, rather than a family home. Along with personalized voice controls, this system gives you the latest technology in security.

Best For: Whether you love the latest tech toys or barely use your iPhone, this user-friendly system is perfect for families, single city-dwellers and those who secretly want their own Tony Stark-style Jarvis. One popular system is made by ADT Alarm Guard, an established brand across North America. It’s a safe bet and customizable to the individual.

Steer Clear If: Are you a technophobe or worried about pricey equipment? Though sophisticated features can be intimidating, operating the system is as easy as checking email. Whether you’re focused on home security or want smart features for your house, you can tailor the level of integration to your comfort level. Price-conscious shoppers should look for deals. ADT Alarm Guard offers $850 worth of free security equipment, making setup even more affordable.

Do-it-Yourself Security Systems: Safety at your Fingertips

If you’re a hands-on homeowner, concerned about protection for your cottage during the winter or live in a more rural area, you’re likely used to handling most housing issues yourself. In recent years, the DIY trend has exploded and home safety is no exception. Depending on the security company, you may not need a high level of skill for installation. For instance, DIY Protection works with each homeowner to develop an individualized system which is then dropped on the doorstep the following day. The entire alarm is pre-programed so installation only takes a few minutes while a company professional is on the phone to answer questions.

Misconceptions: Unlike putting together a wardrobe or installing a speaker system, this project won’t leave the floor cluttered with extra screws and a fed-up family. For many devices, users definitely do not need an advanced knowledge of construction or electronics to select this route. In fact, older adults in need of alarms – even the biggest skeptics – can successfully complete this surprisingly simple step.

Best For: Not everyone is comfortable with letting a repairmen in their home. After all, having a stranger in your house to install a security system seems ironic, right? Additionally, uncertain work schedules can also make it difficult to arrange daytime slots. This system is ideal for those who require flexibility and also those who live well outside cities where in-house appointments are tricky to obtain.

Steer Clear If: As mentioned earlier, a stellar handyman reputation is not required for this particular task. However, if homeowners prefer professional installation and a hands-on walkthrough of the features, a DIY approach might not be ideal. It’s important to note that the package comes pre-programmed and friendly phone techs will answer all concerns and disconnect only when the user is confident.

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