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Jan 05, 2013

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Alarm Guard Security is an ADT security alarm distributor, based in Toronto, Canada, that provides ADT security alarm systems to Canadian residents in Toronto and its surrounding areas. Alarm Guard Security provides both home and business security systems and has been in business since 2003, making it a reliable source for security equipment and emergency response services.


Just like home security, business owners must watch out for possible break-ins. Burglary is an especially important aspect of business security because criminals often target businesses that may have cash on the premises or valuable goods, which is essentially any company. Business owners must also prevent vandalism, which is common among businesses that aren’t open 24/7. By installing an ADT security alarm from Alarm Guard Security, business owners can rest assured that their company is protected from burglars and vandals when they aren’t around.

Smoke Detection

In addition to burglary and vandalism, business owners need a reliable way of detecting toxic fumes, especially if their business involves the use of chemicals. Chemical leaks can lead to deadly, invisible smoke that may be oderless and difficult to monitor. Alarm Guard Security provides business owners with a way to detect toxic fumes 24/7 via ADT’s built-in smoke alarms that are specifically designed to detect carbon monoxide and other hazardous fumes.

Video Surveillance

Alarm Guard Security is able to protect businesses from burglary and vandalism via round-the-clock video surveillance that can be monitored remotely by either the customer or ADT emergency response professionals. Video surveillance is a good way to not only deter would-be criminals, but to also catch criminals in the act. Without video surveillance, it can be difficult or even impossible to figure out who should be accountable for theft and/or damages.

Access Control

In addition to video surveillance, Alarm Guard Security can also prevent burglary and vandalism by limiting who has access to the building or property. Via access control systems, business owners can keep unauthorized individuals from entering the property by requiring a password, fingerprint, magnetic keycard, or even a retinal scan in order to identify personnel. Access control systems are a great way to prevent theft and damages, make a business look more professional, and protect employees while on the job. Alarm Guard Security offers a number of access control systems, all of which can be installed by an Alarm Guard Security technician.

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