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Own a Business? Your Top Security Advice from Simple to Surprising


Dec 27, 2018

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From cozy restaurants to one-of-a-kind clothing stores, all small businesses have one key thing in common: relentlessly dedicated owners. Endless hours and deep dedication are par for the course for those who run their own shops. Which means that when thieves target their stores, its more than a property crime. It can be grim and heart wrenching to discover a burglary and financially difficult to recover. Though these offences are less likely to hit the news headlines, business are four times more likely to suffer break-ins than residences. Even when the shops are insured, the owners are still likely to face out-of-pocket expenses, cleanup and frustrations. Some businesses have been targeted multiple times, including a small store in Toronto that suffered three break-ins in a single month.

Follow the preventative advice below to thwart a robbery before it happens.

Don’t neglect the exterior: While keeping the lights on inside your shop is a regular practice for many, it’s important to illuminate the areas immediately surrounding the store. Not only will it increase visibility for security camera footage but well-kept businesses are actually a deterrent as it appears someone is around.

Keep cash registers open and safes visible: Though it may seem odd, it is important to keep cash-carrying devices in sight. Since thieves target these pieces, keeping them easily accessible prevents intruders from tearing apart your property while searching. Since your cash will likely be removed from register tills at the end of the night, keeping these machines open stops burglar from prying into drawers to check, causing damage to expensive devices.

Customer Services: Friendly sales associates who readily chat with customers are an unlikely  preventative measure for potential burglars. If anyone monitoring your business feels employees are attentive to everyone and notice loitering, the risk in targeting your location will seem too high.

Signage: Electronic security is paramount but even visible stickers indicating their presence are off-putting to intruders. Seasoned thieves know that these types of systems come with loud alarms and quick response times from local police and will avoid shops with this coverage. Make sure that once your security system is activated, multiple signage is prominently displayed around your perimeter.

Data and internal-theft: In today’s world, office records and medical charts are prime targets for employee-theft. Though business owners may not consider their staff as potential thieves, these types of crimes are unfortunately common. Access control system technology can protect this data.  

Video Surveillance: CCTV cameras are probably best known for capturing thieves and strangers lurking around your business. However, it can also assist against fraud, theft, false accident claims and workplace violence. If you have a shop located in an out-of-the-way area or in a rural region, the ability to remotely view your property is paramount as these type of property crimes are particularly difficult for owners.  

Any business owner knows that your store is more than a building. It’s the product of years of hard work and dedication. Don’t let a burglar tear apart your legacy. Take matters into your own hands and protect your property. Discuss your specific business and solutions by calling 1-866-282-3331 or visiting

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