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Oct 19, 2010

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ADT’s business protection slogan is, “to keep your business profitable it’s vital to keep it protected.” This is simple, but incredibly important. In today’s world it is important to keep all aspects of your life protected: your home, your car, your identity and internet persona, and ultimately your livelihood—your business. No matter the size of your business, if you work out of your home or are a part of a Fortune 500 corporation, a security system of some sort should always be installed and monitored.

There are a variety of ways to protect your business from break-ins, and many systems of varying in degree of protection sophistication. All businesses, even the small enterprises with limited budgets can afford a security system, and truthfully it is irresponsible to run a business without adequate protection. The most basic systems are affordable, while some systems offer the latest technology and can become pricey. Some features to consider include:
•    24 hour monitoring services so that your business is protected even while you are away or at home.
•     Conditions monitoring that alert when temperatures reach critically high temperatures signaling a fire or critically low threatening pipes to freeze, or raising water levels preventing floods in your business space.
•    Video surveillance that offers protection from intruders but also helps in monitoring employees and internal behavior.
•    Electronic Access Control only allows the employees on schedule access to the business at their certain times, protecting your business’ assets and who has access to them.
•    Radio Frequency Identification allows for automatic identification of people and items.

By protecting your business with a security system you will be able to leave work each day with peace of mind knowing your assets, supplies, and goods will be safe until the next day of business. Additionally, most insurance companies offer discounts for businesses that proactively protect themselves—leaving more money to increase profits!

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