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Most people associate alarm systems with their homes, and with good reason. A home security system can help protect your home from burglars and is one of the first investments a homeowner should make when they move in. But the fact is that many people encounter an alarm system at their place of work daily. No matter where you work, you need an alarm system!


Why you need one:
Retail stores have to have a security system in place for a number of reasons. First, most insurance policies on retail stores require you to have a security system in any store, so to keep your insurance up to date, you need to invest. Second, you need to protect your investment, which means you need a home alarm. You need to invest to protect against theft and break ins at night. If your store does not have an alarm system, it’s at risk. You also need to protect your store from shoplifters, as they are a huge financial drain on any business if you don’t have the protection you need.

What equipment you need:

For your business security system for your store, you will definitely need

-A glass break sensor. This is especially important if you have a large storefront window. This will not only keep you protected from theft, but it will also keep you protected from vandalism.

-Security Cameras. These are incredibly important for not only keeping you secure, but also catching thieves. You also need them for their deterrent value. If someone feels they are being watched, they are less likely to steal.

-Front door contact – Ever wonder what that beep is when you enter a corner store? It’s probably their front door sensor letting the shop keeper know somebody has entered the store. This is not only good as security protection, but also lets you know when you have a customer!


When you work in an office, you may feel insulated and protected from the outside world, but you absolutely need business security systems to keep you safe. Commercial security is important for offices!

Why you need one:

If you are in an office, you want to ensure you have control over who comes and goes out of the office. You won’t want a disgruntled former employee or angry customer to trespass when they should not be there. You need to ensure the safety of your people and insure your property!

What equipment you need:

Indoor cameras. Most offices have long narrow hallways, so you want to be able to see around corners. If you have an open concept office, you want to make sure you can see inside and make sure everything is going ok. The added benefit of an indoor camera is that you can check them 24/7 from anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Indoor security cameras are more advanced than they have ever been! And commercial security cameras are also incredibly cost effective and provide amazing peace of mind.

-Motion sensors. While offices can also benefit from a glass break sensor, you also need to make sure you have motion sensors for your business security system. Having a motion sensor means that you can pick up any after hours activity in the office. And if nobody should be in the office that early, you need to make sure you can send out the proper authorities!

-Keypads. You Probably have many people working in your office, which means that many people will need access to either arm or disarm your business security system. That means that you will need a keypad at the main entrance to the office. How will you ever know who armed and disarmed your security system? That’s easy! You have the option of selecting different codes for different employees. That way you will also know who has armed or disarmed your system. The most advanced keypads can even take a picture of whoever armed or disarmed your commercial alarm system!

Optional equipment – Access control. Most businesses don’t absolutely require access control, but it gives you an extra layer of security. This means you can have scan in cards for employees coming and leaving the office. These systems can be customized to your needs.

No matter what type of business you have, you need a business security system. Give our security experts a call today and we’ll talk you through how we can keep you and your business protected!

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