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How to Avoid Bike Theft


Jul 05, 2019

1 Comment

For a good chunk of the year, bicycle enthusiasts can only gaze at their ride as the streets are too icy and frigid to venture outside. As the weather finally warms, both...

Can you add a security…


Jun 17, 2019

1 Comment

When most people think of home alarms, they think of a bulky system designed to protect a sprawling house. While protection for multi-room residences are indeed part of the security business, it’s...

What Happens When Someone Breaks…


Jun 10, 2019

1 Comment

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You’re brushing your teeth, getting ready for bed and suddenly you hear a noise and fear the worst. Someone is breaking into the house. While this scene is...

House Tours: The Social Media…


May 28, 2019

1 Comment

There are thousands of online videos showing brand new homes with spacious kitchens, elegant dining areas and empty bedrooms just waiting to be decorated. In the past, these clips were exclusively made...

Do burglars know their victims?


Apr 15, 2019

1 Comment

The risk of becoming a victim of a residential break-in is shockingly high. Police across the country respond to hundreds of these reports every single day. Regardless of the city, neighbourhood or...


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