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Do burglars know their victims?


Apr 15, 2019

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The risk of becoming a victim of a residential break-in is shockingly high. Police across the country respond to hundreds of these reports every single day. Regardless of the city, neighbourhood or...

Signs your home is being…


Apr 02, 2019

1 Comment

For any homeowner victimized by a burglar, the crime, aside from being terrifying, was also likely a complete surprise. The family most probably returned to their house to find damage and disarray....

Home invasions reported in major…


Mar 06, 2019

1 Comment

February may be the shortest month but for a few families in Canada, it was also the deadliest. Though most residential burglaries take place while the home is empty, some are not...

Caught! How video surveillance captures…


Feb 13, 2019

1 Comment

It was the fake fall seen ‘round the world! In a viral video released on the first of February, a workplace surveillance clip shows an employee alone in a staff kitchen. After...

Caught! Celebrity burglars apprehended after…


Jan 18, 2019

1 Comment

From multi-million-dollar homes to closets full of designer couture, celebrities have a larger-than-life existence. In fact, on a day out a starlet’s extravagant handbag and rare watch can cost more an average...


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