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Can you Put a Price on Safety? The High Cost of Discount Home Security


Jan 22, 2019

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“How much does this cost?”

This is understandably one of the first questions a security expert is asked by a potential customer. After all, most families are on a tight budget and it’s human nature to seek out the cheapest deal. But as any bargain-hunter knows, low-cost isn’t always first-rate. This is especially true in the world of security systems. More and more companies are introducing alarms as an add-on to their core business. Alarm Guard ADT customers often ask if they should simply choose Bell or Rogers devices instead of ours. We’re honest in our answers: these companies might charge less. However, much like selecting a discounted appliance at a store, this value comes at its own price.  

For many new entries into the security system business, alarms are an accessory. Others most likely have an existing relationship with customers and offering video surveillance, for example, is an easy add-on and a simple way to increase your bill. After all, the more integrated products a customer owns with a company, the more difficult it is to sever that relationship. A continuous monthly bill is practically a guarantee for that business.

Aside from cost, a major appeal of using companies like Bell and Rogers smart home security is the convenience, since as mentioned above, a large number of families already utilize one of their products. But what happens after the installation? Service complaints against telecom companies are extremely common – 2018 consumer complaints for this industry were led by Bell and Rogers and increased last year by a whopping 73%.

Home security is a serious matter. A house is broken into about every 90 seconds in Canada and statistics are similar in the United States. The figure is chilling and the financial impact of a robbery can be devastating. A recent string of burglaries in Ottawa cost one family over $100,000 after thieves grabbed cash, electronics, jewelry and more. The emotional toll is also shattering, with victims suffering distress long after the actual crime. Feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and violation are routinely reported by residents of ransacked homes. For a smaller number, break-ins can have near-fatal consequences. An Ontario woman was struck in the head after an early morning winter break-in. She suffered minor injuries after encountering the unknown burglar.

Because Alarm Guard ADT reps are privy to countless heart-wrenching customer stories, protecting families is personal. The company’s sole focus is security, making the safety of its customers the only motivation, instead of merely a department. It is also one of the oldest in Canada and one of the few to offer packages across the whole country. There are five fully-staffed monitoring stations nationally, an exclusive feature not found elsewhere.

Though the products have a wide variety of security features and customer accolades, the true value of the service is that you never have to think about it. Let the dedicated team explore new technology, research crime trends and find innovative ways to keep you safe while your family sleeps soundly knowing that if the worst happens, you have a strong team behind you.  

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