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Sep 04, 2013

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Temperature sensor: A device gathers data concerning the temperature from a source and converts it to a form that can be understood by an observer. Temperature sensors come in many different forms and are used for a wide variety of purposes, from simple home use to extremely accurate and precise scientific use

Tempered glass: Is a type of glass that has been treated with heat in the manufacturing. This creates a product that is much stronger and can withstand abnormal force or pressure. The result of this treated glass is that when it does break, will not be into sharp pieces. Tempered glass is found in doors and in windows that are located near doors.

Theft protection: A way to protect against or reduce the likelihood of having personal property taken without authorization. An insurance policy which provides financial coverage and reimbursement in the event personal property is stolen.

Two-way keypad: A device that will let a person arm and disarm an alarm systems from inside or outside a residence. It also activates an audio connection to a monitoring center in the event an alarm is triggered.

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