Cab security cameras urged in Calgary


Sep 24, 2012

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All cabs in Calgary would be required to install security cameras as part of the city’s move to make commuting at night safer.

A report coming to council Monday is recommending bylaw changes be introduced to make the remaining 25% of city cabs lacking video surveillance to install cameras by July 2013.

Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart, chair of the transportation and transit committee, said the move is part of council’s direction to make cabs safer, more accessible and to provide timely service, especially on weekend evenings.

“The drivers were telling us, a lot of times they don’t like driving at night — people are drunk and they throw up and do all these kind of things,” she said.

“They fear for their safety.

“I think the cameras benefit our drivers and the riders.”

Out of the city’s fleet of 1,311 cabs, 75% are already equipped with cameras.

Stephanie Ho Lem, chair of the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee (TLAC), said having cameras installed in all taxis would be a deterrent for violence against the drivers.

A few years ago, a study on the benefits of making shields mandatory to protect the drivers was done but the safety features weren’t implemented, she said.

“I think the cameras were more favourable than the partition shields,” she said.

Once changes are made, the city will evaluate if installing shields is still needed.


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