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Jan 08, 2013

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Alarm Guard Security is a distributor of ADT home security alarms, based on Toronto, Canada. Alarm Guard Security has been providing Canadian residents with emergency services since 2003 through burglary prevention, smoke detection, and emergency response professionals who are available 24/7 to respond to any threat. Alarm Guard Security is not just a security alarm distributor; it is a gateway to peace of mind.

Burglary Prevention

By providing ADT security alarms to Canadian residents, Alarm Guard Security is able to offer its customers relief from possible home invasions. Alarm Guard Security offers a number of home security options, all of which include built-in alarm systems that not only deter criminals, but also automatically contacts ADT support, who can contact the local authorities remotely.

Smoke Detection

In addition to burglary prevention, Alarm Guard Security systems can also detect toxic smoke in a customer’s household and sound an alarm in order to get the residents out of the house and have an emergency response team to the house in minutes. Because carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes are often orderless and even invisible, a home security system that can detect these chemicals may mean the difference between life and death.

Basic Package – Complete Monitoring Package

Alarm Guard Security’s Basic Package includes all of the essential monitoring systems needed to protect residents from home invasions, toxic fumes, and other emergencies. The Basic Package sounds an alarm throughout the household to deter criminals and get the residents’ attention. This package depends on the resident’s landline telephone line to send signals to emergency response personnel and is available for $33.99/month.

Expanded Package – With 2-Way Voice

Alarm Guard Security’s Expanded Package includes all of the same features as the Basic Package, but includes the installation of 2-way voice intercoms throughout the resident’s home. While these intercoms are still dependent on a landline telephone line to communicate with emergency response professionals, their hands-free nature provides residents with a secure, easily-available method of seeking help in an emergency.

Premium Package – Complete Package With Cell Guard

Alarm Guard Security’s Premium Package includes all of the same features as the Basic Package and the Extended Package, but also includes a Cell Guard backup communication system that uses nearby cell phone towers to contact emergency response professionals when a landline telephone line is unavailable. This package is ideal during power outages or for anyone who doesn’t have a landline telephone. Because home invaders may disable a resident’s landlines telephone line before entering the home, this package also provides peace of mind that the resident will always be able to contact help in the event of an emergency.

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