Information And Facts About Alert Security System In Canada


Aug 08, 2013

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alarmguard1Panic button: An emergency button that, when pressed, triggers an alarm system as well as sends a signal to authorities.

Panic room: A fortified room located in a residence and/or building designed to provide a safe place for the inhabitants to hide in the event of a break-in, home invasion, or other threat. A panic room may also have a separate emergency telephone line.

Personal alarm: Is a discrete, hand-held electronic device that will emit a loud siren-like alarming sound when activated. It’s primarily used to ward off an attack by an assailant and attract attention.

Personal property: Property that is private and moveable and whose ownership belongs to an individual. This includes everything that is tangible, from office furniture to cars and jewelry, promissory notes, to clothing. Real estate is not considered personal property.

Personal safety: The freedom from fear or worry regarding a person’s physical and mental well-being. Being aware of one’s surrounding and avoiding situations, and conditions which may be potentially harmful or dangerous.

Phone activation: To activate or deactivate your home security system over the telephone when you are away from home.

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