The Safty functions Of An Alarm System


Jul 11, 2013

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Identity Theft: Is the crime of one person stealing the personal and indentifying information such as social security number, credit cards and bank accounts, of another person for fraudulent purposes such as to, gain access to finances, open credit card, receive medical treatment, fame or other benefits.

IP surveillance: IP-based surveillance systems provide a means for many cameras and video encoders to share the same wired or wireless network for communicating data. The term ‘IP’ refer to a digital video surveillance system that is tied into a network. A digital image is more easily stored and retrieved when compared to an analog video tape.

Keypad: A device with a set of buttons usually arranged in a square, similar to the standard telephone touchpad. Each button bears a number with a set of letters underneath the number or other symbol. Should the buttons contain mostly numbers then it may also be called a numeric keypad. A keypad controls the functions of an alarm system.

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