Can you add a security system to a rental property?


Jun 17, 2019

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When most people think of home alarms, they think of a bulky system designed to protect a sprawling house. While protection for multi-room residences are indeed part of the security business, it’s not the only type of property that needs safety measures. Due to rising home prices, more and more families are seeking rental apartments in place of mortgages. Though the dwelling may be different, the need for safety remains. However, most assume that rental houses, duplexes and units cannot utilize a home security system. While that may have been true in the past, it’s certainly not today.

Why would a suite in a sky-high condo building need an alarm? After all, many buildings have concierges, in addition to locked front entrances. Anyone who’s ever lived in such an area knows that it’s shockingly easy to breeze past this part of the residence and gain access to any of the hundred plus units. Additionally, not every renter changes the lock when they begin living in a new space. A number of previous tenants could still have access to the property. Buildings are also filled with tons of occupants, visitors, delivery people and more, making it near impossible for an inhabitant to know all the faces they pass in the hallways. In some ways, this makes the spot even more vulnerable than in other areas.

In fact, according to condo experts, luxury units and apartments are 85% MORE likely to be targeted than other property types. A big reason for this is because renters are less likely to consider security and alarm systems.

Luckily, ADT Alarm Guard has you covered. Unlike other systems, this device does not require installation, drilling, and wiring. Because many rental units do not allow significant changes or construction, the device is specifically designed to be simple and compact. There’s also no installation fee, making it more affordable.

You still have access to the same features available for larger properties including:

  • Motion sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Video surveillance
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Smartphone-controlled

Any renter can easily set up the small device by simply plugging it in and placing the sensors around the home. It’s less hassle than putting together a new piece of furniture. It’s also fully encrypted and supports a variety of smart technology for those looking to automate their home functions.

Securing an apartment is of particular importance because these residents are also less likely to have comprehensive home insurance. Meaning, if a burglary does occur, they may not be covered for any of the damages and loss. A Montreal couple lost over $200,000 when a thief targeted their condo and stole jewelry and sentimental items. Despite the fact that the building had a camera in the elevator, police could not catch the culprit.

Around the same time, Toronto residents were outraged when a thief stole copies of the unit keys from the building manager and made off with thousands of dollars of valuables. In this case, police also had video footage of the criminal but were not able to apprehend him.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-282-3331.

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