Crime in this town has gotten so bad someone just stole…a house


Aug 19, 2019

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By the time August began, cities around the country were experiencing heatwaves with record-high temperatures and cloud-less sunny days. For the citizens of one British Columbia town, it was tempers that flared and nearly reached a fever pitch. The reason? The quaint city was growing frustrated with a seemingly never-ending crime wave. Criminals were stealing bikes, tools, breaking into houses and in one case, swiping an entire home. One family’s tiny mobile-style property was taken from their front yard, much to their bewilderment. The dwelling was fairly large and required special equipment to move. Luckily, an eagle-eyed neighbour spotted it about a half-hour away.

The strange theft was just the latest in a series of bold moves by area crooks. In fact, residents are getting so overwhelmed they’ve taken to forming their own online group to try and locate the endless amounts of stolen property that is resold or dumped. Things have gotten so bad that the community’s leader has had to quell talk of violence on a daily basis. 

Such experiences are unfortunately not unique. Property crimes like break-ins and home theft are among the toughest mysteries to solve. The main reason for this is because burglars leave very little evidence. Many wear gloves and limit the amount of time they remain inside a property. Additionally, the vast majority of crimes take place during the middle of a weekday when most families are at school and work. This is made even more challenging during the summer when a good chunk of every neighbourhood is away on vacation. 

Most in the town do not report having a video surveillance system. In fact, most images and recordings of the thieves were captured by wildlife cameras in a nearby park, which were meant to spot wild animals that may stray too close to town. Families who have these devices are more likely to apprehend a thief because police can use this footage to confirm an identity. In fact, detectives will often ask neighbours for their footage if a victim does not have an alarm system. Sadly, only about 13% of these incidents are solved

Some may assume that this particular town is troublesome and dangerous. Not so. Unfortunately, with property crimes like burglaries, a single perpetrator can cause a huge amount of damage. If caught, many crooks admit to targeting multiple homes in a single day and dozens per week. Often, the first thing they will look for is a modern alarm system. With their loud alerts and quick response times, most criminals will ignore homes which are armed. 

Without these preventative devices, any neighbourhood can become victimized. Areas with summer crime waves can happen virtually anywhere and unfortunately the ability of police to capture and stop these preparators is dropping. Criminals are becoming more sneaky and tech savvy, monitoring social media to see who has the latest gadgets and which families will be away for vacation. 

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