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How To Avoid False Alarms


Mar 15, 2018

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Unfortunately false alarms do happen but they can be minimized or even eliminated all together by understanding your security system on a day to day operation. Mastering the arming and disarming process, trouble shooting open doors and windows, low battery signals or changing batteries, remote access and user code access levels.

Take the time to read the user manual on your new system as it will benefit you greatly in the long run. Simple things like testing your system monthly can reduce risk or equipment failure. Ensuring communication is stable between your security system and the monitoring station is a great way to give you peace of mind.

Has your contact list changed? Remember in the event of an alarm ADT will call your contact list starting with contact 1, then contact 2 and so on. If one of your contacts has changed phone numbers or is no longer a part of your contact list this should be relayed to the monitoring station ASAP.

Password for verification? Keep in mind that the monitoring station has all your information to look up your account but unless you remember your verbal password or another term to abort code they may not be able to help you over the phone. This is a critical security protocol that is in place for your protection so only you or a family member who is listed and knows the verbal password can be given access to your account such as account history, Billing, change of information etc.

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