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May 23, 2018

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Smart Home in 2018 is one of the most trending topics when it comes to home improvements. Off-the-shelf smart LED lights available in markets are fun and easy to install, but the idea it gives of a smart home is limited just to the fact that you can turn on and off your lights through an app.

But there’s much more to a smart home than smart light bulbs, a true smart home system comes with true security that only ADT smart home systems can deliver.

Converting your home into a smart home with Alarm Guard ADT has many benefits, we’ve listed some for you.

Someone is Home

With smart lighting you can deter burglars from intruding by making it seem like you’re home. Either by turning your lights on and off manually through the app or simply by scheduling a set time right after sunset, for example. With ADT Smart home tech, you can also trigger lights on the front porch using motion-triggered security lighting.


All-in-one App

You’re home is not only under one roof, but it’s also under one single app! With ADT’s interactive package, you can take full control of your home using just one app that can be used with any smart device! Unlike the smart devices available in the market that have a separate app for every device. The ADT smart home app makes it easier to see the status of your house at a glance in a single scroll.


Smart and Secure

Ever struggle to unlock your door while holding a handful of groceries on a cold dark evening and the switch to your porch lights is inside the house? Well that’s not an issue when your smart lights are connected to a smart door lock that in turn is connected to your smartphone app! That’s right, unlock your door before you get out of your car through the app and the porch lights will turn on automatically. That’s what we call true smart home security at Alarm Guard – ADT..

10 Bulbs or 1 Switch

Equipping your home with individual smart bulbs is not a smart idea when they cost around $100 a piece. But don’t worry, take the ADT route and we can install a peice of hardware that goes right into your wall switch, through it you can control a wide range of bulbs around your home with just one switch.


Get started today! Call us at 1-844-299-3753 to speak with one of our security experts.


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