Why even small businesses need surveillance cameras and access cards


Aug 15, 2019

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Small business owners are some of the busiest people around. Not only do they have to oversee all aspects of their company, but they must also manage their staff, property and products. Each day is jampacked with activities and decision making. Likely, the last thing on their mind is property security. Yet these businesses are some of the most commonly targeted by burglars and thieves.

Here’s why every business owner needs to prioritize safety products:

  1. Profit Margin: Many burgeoning organizations operate with smaller cash flow. Though they may be highly successful, business owners are likely to invest extra funds into growing the business. This means that a stolen shipment, box of product or other property damage can hurt their bottom line more than a larger corporation’s. A small investment in safety now can mean a huge sigh of relief later.
  2. Targeting: The majority of business burglaries target-independent shops, factories, and other similar ventures. Why? Sadly, they are less likely to employ sophisticated safety measures or have a busy location. Many will rely on a simple lock and nothing else. Even more alarming is that many of these companies are targeted multiple times by the same thief.
  3. Entrance: Do you have a key card system for entering the premises? A security guard? An office in a large downtown building? For most small businesses, the answer is no. Most are likely to have either a receptionist or key system. Both are problematic. An admin employee cannot be responsible for building security as this is a potential liability. Keys are expensive to cut and difficult to replace. Unless you are willing to change the full lock system every time an employee leaves the company, your building is unsecure.
  4. Cameras: Not everyone believes they need a video surveillance system. While they may not have expensive items on-site or a warehouse full of products, today’s devices are useful for so much more. Most importantly, thieves may not realize that little cash or valuables are on hand. They may damage the property just by searching. Shockingly, much crime is committed by internal staff. Employees may steal items during their shift or after hours. Video evidence is solid proof for investigating officers.
  5. Injury: If a person injures themselves on company property, the owner might be responsible for the accident. However, in recent years multiple incidents have shown that staff can abuse this process. Video cameras have captured employees and customers faking slips and falls in order to obtain a cash settlement from the owner. Insurance companies are now encouraging businesses to install devices in order to record what really happens.
  6. Peace of Mind: Small business owners are never really “off the clock.” Though they might be on vacation or away from their office, their thoughts are likely never far from the organization. Today’s smartphone-controlled cameras can allow individuals to monitor their property wherever there is wi-fi. This can be a huge relief for professionals who wish to quickly check on operations.

To learn more about wireless video surveillance options and other alarm systems, call 1-866-282-3331 or visit our website.

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