Why You Need A Home Security System in Toronto Right Now!

There is a prevailing attitude amongst most people that luck will always have their backs and that good things will continue to happen in perpetuity. May the odds be ever in your favor, but the reality is that believing things will always be good because they have been in the past is a logical fallacy, and one that is dangerous to believe in. Luck favors the prepared, and if you are not prepared for something to go wrong, the consequences could be dire.

Think about safety devices in your vehicle. Seat belts were once considered a luxury upgrade to a car, and Ford did not even start offering them as an optional feature until 1955. This may seem crazy by today’s standards, because seat belts are mandatory on all public roads, but the fact is that seat belts had to become mandatory because they were so effective. Seat belts have saved millions of lives, and you would never let a family member in your car without having them firmly buckled in. It’s surprising then that so many people who are so concerned with safety don’t have a home alarm system installed or monitored in their home yet.

Over 70% of homes in Canada do not have a monitored home alarm system. This is an absolutely shocking number considering that on average in Canada a break in occurs every 2.9 minutes. Today alone there will be about 500 new break ins reported (and this does not account for break ins that are not officially reported to the police). That number is staggering, but there is some good news. The incidents of break ins has actually lowered over the past five years, which coincides with an increase in homes with security systems. While there is no definitive link in those stats, there is a definite link in who burglars target. It’s estimated that having a home security system will reduce the likelihood of a break in by up to 80%. The reason is because thieves will always target the easier home. Think about it, if you were a bad guy and you had a choice between two neighbours, one with an alarm system and one without, which home would you target?

There are many other fallacies when it comes to home break ins which shock many people.

Break ins only happen at night, right?
The fact is that most break ins actually occur during the day when homes are empty with people at work or school.

My neighbours are always home so they’ll watch my house!
Are your neighbours really so nosy that they will be watching every angle of your home all day, every day? A break in can easily occur when your neighbour is home, and they will likely have no idea that anything was wrong.

I have a big dog, so nobody is going to mess with my house!
The fact is that dogs are notoriously poor at guarding anything, much less a whole home. Dogs can be tricked with treats, they can be poisoned, they can be locked in a room, and they won’t have any way of contacting the police in an emergency. In fact, many people get a home security system as an extra layer of protection to safeguard their pets.

There are other large benefits to having a home alarm system as well, including having protection against a fire, potential energy savings with home automation devices and a home insurance discount of up to 20%. These are all important things to consider when choosing the right security system for your home and your family. The fact is though, much like using seatbelts, there really is no choice any more. You need a home alarm system.

The good news is that it’s not too late! Alarm Guard is Canada’s #1 authorized ADT dealer, and we have installed thousands of home alarm systems across the country. Our head office is located in Toronto, but we have offices all across the country which means you will always be able to receive local help. When you call Alarm Guard, one of our security experts will help you make the right decision to keep you safe and to keep you from becoming a statistic. Call us today at 866 282 3331 ext 2 and we’ll help you out!

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