If your doorbell is currently installed and stopped working due to change of internet, changed wifi password or simply was disconnected from the internet for any reason ?

Follow the steps below to factory reset your device:

First you need to delete the device from your account or if you have it on a Skybell HD account…

For simply log into your account through the website at   login with username and password.

Click on VIDEO then click on SETTINGS then click on VIDEO DEVICE INFO

If you have more than one video device then make sure to select the door bell camera

Video Device:   and scroll down the page and select  Delete this Video Device    

Your door bell is now deleted from your account and is now ready to be factory reset and re installed.

On the doorbell, press and hold the button for about 80 seconds until the LED flashes yellow, and then release. Be patient as this will take some time to accomplish.

Ready to sync

The Doorbell Camera is ready to sync when the LED is alternating red and green. This LED pattern indicates that the camera is in Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) mode. In this mode, the camera broadcasts a temporary Wi-Fi network. During the syncing process, you will connect to this network when instructed by the app. The app will configure the Doorbell Camera.

Note: It is recommended during the enrollment process to keep the mobile device being used within close proximity of the Doorbell Camera.

If the LED is not alternating Red and Green, press and hold doorbell button until flashing green. This will put the doorbell back into wifi mode and flash red and green. 

Select Add a New Doorbell Camera

In the Customer app:

  1. Tap  Doorbell CameraNote: If you do not see the Doorbell Camera option in the menu, the Doorbell Cameras service package add-on needs to be added to the account. You may also need to verify the customer’s login permissions to ensure the login being used has permission to add a Doorbell Camera.
  2. Tap the add icon to begin the installation. The following image is an example of this process: NoteIf a Doorbell Camera is already installed on the account, to add a new Doorbell Camera tap on the Doorbell Camera’s page, and then tap Add Another Camera.
Follow the on-screen instructions

Keep your mobile device on the home’s Wi-Fi network (or on LTE) and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. The next pages will verify the hardware has been mounted and the LED is alternating red and green to indicate AP mode. Tap Next.
  2. On the Device Name page, enter a name for the Doorbell Camera.
  3. Tap Next. The phone will begin to search for the Doorbell Camera’s broadcast network.The following image is an example of this process: 
When instructed, connect to the Doorbell Camera’s temporary Wi-Fi Network 

The syncing process instructs you to connect to the Doorbell Camera’s temporary Wi-Fi network. The network is named Skybell_123456789 or SkybellHD_123456789, where 123456789 corresponds to the Doorbell Camera’s serial number. The Doorbell Camera’s temporary Wi-Fi network is for the purpose of the installation process only and is not meant to provide Wi-Fi for internet access. During installation, there may be a message indicating that there is no Wi-Fi available but this is expected. Dismiss the message and continue to stay connected to the Doorbell Camera’s temporary Wi-Fi during the installation process. 

It is recommended to remain within six feet of the Doorbell Camera or Slim Line throughout the entire enrollment process to ensure the mobile device and the Doorbell Camera stay connected.

Note: If you do not see the Skybell network, verify the Doorbell Camera is blinking green and red to indicate it’s in AP mode. The Skybell Wi-Fi network only appears when the Doorbell Camera is in AP mode. 

If using an Android device:

The process to select the Skybell network is completed within the Customer app. 

If using an iPhone or iPad:

The Customer app prompts to:

  1. Leave the Customer app, then go to the phone’s Settings app. 
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Tap to select the SkyBell network
  4. Once you are connecting to the Skybell network, go back to the Customer app to complete the installation. 
Enter the home’s Wi-Fi information 

Once the Customer app finds the new Doorbell Camera:

  1. The Customer app prompts you to select the customer’s Wi-Fi network that the Doorbell Camera will be connected to. The following image is an example of this process:
  2. When the customer’s Wi-Fi is selected, very carefully enter the customer’s Wi-Fi password.
    • Though manual configuration is not recommended, there is the option to configure the Wi-Fi information manually. If you must configure static IP addresses or the customer has a hidden Wi-Fi network, tap Manual to manually configure the Wi-Fi information.The following image shows the Manual tab. 
  3. Once the Wi-Fi password is entered, tap Next to complete the Doorbell Camera configuration.
  4. Once the Doorbell Camera’s configuration is complete, a Success message appears on the screen as shown in the following image. Tap Next to continue.
Enable push notifications & recording rules

The mobile device that is syncing the doorbell camera is automatically added as a notification recipient.

Enable the Digital Doorbell

If you installed a Digital Doorbell Adapter, the device must be enabled using the Customer Website or app.

To enable the Digital Doorbell in the Customer app:
  1. Log into the Customer app.
  2. Tap Doorbell Camera.
  3. Tap On the Settings page in Chime, tap the Digital Door Chime toggle switch to enable it.
  4.  Click Save
To enable the Digital Doorbell in the Customer Website:
  1. Log into the Customer Website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Click Settings
  4. Using the Video Device dropdown menu, select the Doorbell Camera to edit.
  5. Click Video Device Info.
  6. Click to select Digital Door Chime to enable it.
  7. Click Save.

Notifications and recording rules


Notifications are alerts that are sent immediately to the customer’s mobile phone when activity is detected by the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. Push notifications help the customer take full advantage of their new Doorbell Camera.

Acknowledging a Doorbell Camera push notification will route the user directly to the call screen and enter a two-way audio call.

Button Pushed

Receive a notification when the doorbell button is pushed. By acknowledging the notification, you will automatically join a two-way audio call and receive a live video feed from the camera.


Receive a notification when the doorbell detects motion. By acknowledging the notification, you will automatically join a two-way audio call and receive a live video feed from the camera.

Importance of push notifications

Enabling push notifications and adding the necessary recipients are critical to the success of a Doorbell Camera installation. Push notifications allow the customer to instantly see, hear and speak to visitors at the door.

We recommend the customer select the Keep me logged in option on the Login screen in the Customer app so that the customer will be able to respond to push notifications from the Doorbell Camera more quickly.

Recording rules

Recording rules control the times and events during which the Doorbell Camera records clips.

Call (Button Pushed)

Record a clip when the Doorbell Camera button is pushed.


Record a clip when the Doorbell Camera detects motion. Reduce the number of motion-triggered clips by selecting the Low motion sensitivity setting. 

Event-triggered (e.g. Alarm)

Record a clip after a sensor is activated or after an alarm.

Additional considerations: 
  • Recording duration is typically around one minute. Clips are longer during an alarm or when a mobile user joins a call after a button or motion event.
  • Recording rules do not need to match notification settings. You can enable recording rules for both button and motion events but only enable notifications for button events if desired.
  • Accounts have a maximum number of clips that can be uploaded in a month and saved on the account.
  • Doorbell camera clips count toward that limit.

LED colors, button functions, and general troubleshooting

Battery charging

If the LED is alternating between red and blue (HD Edition) or pulsing blue (Slim Line), the doorbell camera’s battery is charging. The duration of the pre-syncing charge process varies due to differences in existing doorbell circuits but normally takes less than 30 minutes.

Wi-Fi connectivity

If the LED is flashing Orange, the doorbell needs to be manually placed into AP mode. Press and hold the main button on the Doorbell Camera until the LED begins rapidly flashing green, then release. The LED will flash green as the Doorbell Camera scans the Wi-Fi networks in the area. The Doorbell Camera should enter AP Mode after a couple of minutes, and the LED should begin alternating red and green.

Enter AP mode (broadcast syncing mode)

To enter AP mode:

  • Press and hold the main button on the Doorbell Camera until the LED begins a green rapid strobe flash, then release the button.
  • When the LED flashes Green, it means the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera is in the process of entering AP Mode.
  • The LED will alternate red and green to indicate the Doorbell Camera is in AP Mode.
Power Cycle

To power cycle the Doorbell Camera:

  • Press and hold the main button on the Doorbell Camera until the LED begins a blue rapid strobe flash. The power cycle could take up to 2 minutes.

Note: You can power cycle the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera when it is in AP Mode. Press and hold the button until the LED flashes Blue.



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